Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beriman, Berilmu dan Beramal

I have always wanted to do some sorts of voluntary work, like to save animals from extinction, educating younger generations, or giving lectures to fellow women in troubles, etc. There are so many organizations and clubs that I can join to do this, but as the usual excuse claimed - no time. Time has somehow become such a valuable and scarce asset, that the 24 hours given a day always seems to be insufficient to accomplish many things in mind.


Lately, by remembering and practicing from Dale Carnegie's book, somehow it has helped to re-ignite my passion to do some kind of voluntary work. Actually I've just finished half of the book, but by practicing the principles, I can see the impact to my inner beings already (this is only me can tell laaaa). The usual mantra - from Chinese proverb - I see and I forget, I listen and I forget, I read and I forget, but when I do it, then only I learn and remember. Or something to that effect.


Yesterday, someone forward to me a complete graduation speech by the famous author of Harry Potter, JK Rowling to Harvard graduates in 2008. I read it in full and really enjoy it when I start to reflect on myself. I particularly like this phrase she said:

We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.

For full text, you can visit -


I didn't know what has got into me, but somehow the passion seemed unbearable. I needed to help someone, do something which I had not been able to accomplish all this while. Then I remember, when I saw my thrash basket was still full of paper scraps and some other junks. I remembered someone told me that Kak Ani the cleaning lady at my office was involved in some kind of accident. But when I heard the news 2 days ago, oh well, "Kesian". That was just it. But yestarday, this vibe and inner being somehow had just been awaken. Waaa, this was like "Awaken the Giant Within" concept practice lah pulakkk....hahaha...tetiba rasa I needed to help her. Pay her a her do things...knowing that she is a single mother of two, and some people in the office had done money collection for her during last Raya celebration to help ease her burden. I got to do something! I quickly asked for her address and phone number. I had to talk to 4 people to get the details, but I got all the information with ease. I guess if you want to do good, Allah will help you to make it easy.


Then I remember, that evening I got appointment with 2 of my mentees. Instead of the usual "How are you?", "How's work?", "How are you doing at work?" kind of boring talk, why not I get these guys to come along with me? Kita buat program ala-ala BersamaMu la when they asked me where to meet and what to bring, I told them, today we are going for some Lawatan Sambil Belajar. Zul was very curious, started asking how long, where to go. I kept them in suspense mood. Until in the car, I told them - "There are some things in life in which we cannot learn from books. Today is one of those lessons". I shared with them background of this lady and they were thrilled and excited. I could see their smile from one ear to another ear. Maybe Kak Lin has a reputation to be that serious lady in some corporate department. Or through our interactions before, they must have formed a conclusion that this mentor-mentee program is such a lame program by HR trying to revive the dwindling spirit of the young. Hence, the chance to ride in my Speedy Green and the chance of being chauferred by me must have never come across their mind. I was glad that we had to chance to do something different and they liked it.


On the way, we stopped at McDonald's, grabbed 2 Happy Meal and 1 Value Meal for her and kids. She was surprised alright. Never expected to receive visitors. Her children were equally excited, especially the 5-year old Amirul, happily sitting on Yusri's lap. He likes male visitors, as he has always been looking for a father figure, according to Kak Ani. His father just left home when he was 11 months old. What life must have been without a father? I have warned the mentee boys, it's up to you how you want to help, I never push. You want to give cash, or just advise, it's up to you. So when I saw them giving out some cash, I was very happy inside. At least that visit must have been remembered by all of us, no matter how brief.


Then it boils down to me, that everything is fated by Allah. I got 2 smart, handsome but most importantly, I could see that they are generous people. They have kind hearts. I am so glad that they enjoy the visit, and told me that we should do this more often. Yeah right....I still need that mentor-mentee report.

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